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We're a future art destination located just a short distance from the Salton Sea.Learn more about what we're tying to do and support us by making a donation or staying on the land through Hipcamp. Everything you donate goes toward paying artists and non-profits restoring the sea.


I don't know personally know anyone that has created a roadside art destination, but that's what I want to do.Since the property is on Sea Nymph Ave, I decided that could help guide what's created here.In Greek mythology, sea nymphs were goddesses known for saving sailors from shipwrecks and wayward currents. They also helped fishermen improve their catch and kept predatory creatures at bay.These beauties lived in harmony with nature and were friendly, jovial creatures — except when humans dared to question their beauty. These insults awakened their dark side and caused their allies (Poseidon was married to a sea nymph) to defend their honor in the form of death and destruction.Although respected and honored in small ports and villages, the sea nymphs never achieved the level of worship that other deities enjoyed.Set alongside a dying sea, this property pays homage to the sea nymphs. If you are feeling lost, come find refuge and spend a little time on the land. It’s our hope the sea nymphs will connect with you to inspire you, guide you, and settle the rough waters of your life.This project is powered by community. I want different artists to contribute with their talents. By honoring these goddesses, we can start a path of peace and prosperity for the Salton Sea and the surrounding community.Everything goes directly to paying artists improving the site and non-profits working to restore the sea.


Here's a running list of artists that have contributed to the project:Stevyn Llewellyn / Siren Arts
Logo + Identity
Lisbeth Ortega
Sounds and Sea playlist


Have questions about the property? Are you an artist that wants to contribute? Let's hear it.